Here you can find the data and models that I used for my dissertation “Orchestrating the Generation of Game Facets via a Model of Gameplay”.

The CNN model used in the dissertation.


Maps (20x20x8 per map)
Classes (16 floats per class)
Level metrics (90 floats per map)


Original outputs
Extended outputs

The ‘original output’ zip-file includes:
Time (in seconds)
Time (normalized)
Kill ratio

The ‘extended output’ zip-file additionally includes:
Heatmap/Death Locations Entropy:
All positions aggregated
Average of both players
Player 1 ratio

Lifetime/Combat time duration:
Average of both players
Player 1 Ratio


The zip file below provides some sample code for training/loading a model. The code is based on Keras 2 and Tensorflow 1. For more code, check out my Github: https://github.com/DKaravolos.

[Code coming soon]