Games & Prototypes

Procjam 2019

Inspired by my moving back to Amsterdam, I made a canal house generator. An interactive version can be found at:

Procjam 2017

During my PhD, I decided to use the procedural content generation jam 2017 to kickstart the level generator for my shooter game. This version of the generator can be found at:
Source code:

Global Game Jam 2015

In January 2015, I participated in the Global Game Jam in Amsterdam. My team members were Alexander Mulder, Mike Hofstede, Paul Wolfe, and Dan Bavin. Together we created Yak Attack!. I was involved in the gameplay programming, including making the physics work, and the animation. You can check the demo by clicking on the image below (Unity Web Player – does not work in every browser, sorry about that).


NB: several improvements have been implemented/improved since the game jam, among which is the randomization of the events.

Kinect Hack: Superman VR

In January 2011, I did a project with Sicco van Sas and Maarten van der Velden concerning Natural Interfaces. We made a Superman game with Kinect and Vuzix VR glasses. The player can control Superman with their own body, using gestures to activate Superman’s special powers (flying, shooting lasers, and super breath). These gestures, combined with the VR glasses, and first-person view, made the experience quite immersive.

During that time Kinect hacks were very popular, and the project was featured in New Scientist, Kurzweil AI blog, XBOX Magazine UK, and Power Unlimited, among others. The result is shown in the video below:

Our code is available at: